How Boerman’s Upholstery Became Boerman’s Furniture Farm…
Image 1: Peter & David Boerman with their horse "Thunder"

Image 2: Aerial view of Boerman's Furniture Farm

In 1938, Peter Boerman launched Boerman’s Upholstery, located on his small Guernsey (dairy) farm in Marion, NY. Peter would spend the summers working on the farm and the land and the winters reupholstering furniture. His main focus was working the farm; used upholstery was simply a side business that helped occupy his cold winter days. In 1945, Peter began shipping milk. Two years later, he renovated a pig-pen and turned it into a shop for his upholstery business. As the years went by, the upholstery business grew. Soon Peter was working on people’s furniture, AND buying and selling used furniture. By 1962, the furniture and upholstery business was making a better profit than the farm. Peter sold the dairy that year and turned the barns and outbuildings into storage for new and used furniture.

In 1974 Peter sold the business to his youngest son, David Boerman. David grew the business adding floors to the barn’s silo and hen houses, and adding seven 40ft tractor trailers. That’s right: seven 40ft tractor trailers full of stuff! These changes boosted Peter’s original stock by 100%.